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Quiedan manufactures many types of trellises with quality and timeliness. This is a starting point to what is the most versatile product line on the market.​

Quiedan's research and development department designs, prototypes and builds a variety of products, components and parts in an effort to bring innovation to growing on trellises - from grapes and kiwis to apples and avocados. The efforts have resulted in several leading steel profiles and castings to injection molds and extruded plastic as well as parts that have become the industry standards based on performance.

The manufacturing capabilities and speed for punching and roll forming coupled with the ability to select materials are unparalleled. Add broad experience in sourcing assures great value from our Q products, where Q is quality.

Innovation, design, engineering and experience allow Quiedan to develop systems from the ground up or to retrofit existing systems in need of improvements.

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