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Steel-end posts replaced wood posts in wine grapes as new trellis systems called for tighter row spacing. During the late 1980s standard row widths of 10, 11 and 12 feet were reduced to 6-8 feet. It was soon apparent that a smaller diameter end post enabled the harvester to pick the vines adjacent to the end post, a task formerly performed by hand.

The steel end post can be fitted with one or more spades that can be welded or bolted in place. Moreover, holes can be provided as well as hooks for a variety of applications. 

Auger Anchors

There are a variety of profiles used. Augers are welded on both sides and normally have a 2 1/2" displacement. The eye is centered and welded shut. Placed behind the post these are used to provide structural support.

Steel End Posts

The end assembly considered to be among the more effective and economical consists of a tube of about 2 7/8" diameter connected to a screw anchor may be replaced with spade(s) fitted to the end post, or a box brace constructed in front of the end post. 3/8" diameter holes are placed every 2" except for the bottom two feet. 

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