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Our "Q" Series greenhouses are very versatile and popular as they maximize the production from your limited resources because "everything grows better with structure." We offer professional growers the

In addition, we offer several features that improve the performance of your greenhouse. ​

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Single span greenhouse and its many options are ideal for crops such as berries, asparagus, broccoli and others. It is an excellent way to control variability, which results in better quality and an extended growing season. For instance, on average two or three weeks earlier and later harvests are possible when compared to growing using traditional method in open. Longer harvest windows and higher qualities means more value from crops.

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Quiedan's Q flexible multi-span greenhouses maximize the land area covered with structures. The multi-spans can cover irregular sites that may be either concave and convex as well as stair-stepped topographies, while at the same time maximizing the space between houses.

The greenhouses also easily accommodate other equipment such as shading structures, thermal screens, cooling-pad fans, high pressure fog systems, ventilation, heating systems, and more.

Finely engineered, high-quality, anti-corrosive materials offer strength and longevity.


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Another popular, well-performing design is Quiedan's butter-fly vented greenhouses. The butterfly ventilation allows hot air to escape and can be adjusted easily according to wind's speed and direction. This extremely strong structure is well suited for heavy-load crops such as peppers, tomatoes, melons, etc. The Gothic arcs support drainage of water and resistance to snow. 


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Shading/thermal screens are by far and away the most energy-efficient and cost-saving technology in modern greenhouses. The "Q" Auto-Screen System is capable of cooling the greenhouse, reducing heat loss, lessening drops of dew, lowing heating costs, and maintain the consistency of a comfortable growing environment. 

The black shade screen installed outside the greenhouse blocks excessive summer sunlight that leads to high temperatures, while the internally-installed thermal screen absorbs longwave radiation to provide a warm blanket over the crops.

Together, the "Q" Auto-Screen System save money while increasing yields in your greenhouse.

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Quiedan's Side-Shifting Benches increase production areas, decrease labor costs and increase profits in your greenhouse.


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Q Pad Fans work to keep the temperature and relative humidity in the greenhouse around ideal, i.e., 20-25 degrees C and 50-70 percent, respectively.                                The Q system works to reduce temperature through evaporation.

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