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Over 45 Years of Experience

Quiedan Company® is a world leader in manufacturing agricultural structures. We sell, distribute, manufacture, and install a wide array of structures—from trellis systems, wind fences, hoops, and high tunnels to greenhouses—to help control growing environments because everything grows better with structure®. We pursue the industry’s highest level of customer satisfaction with our unique promises of quality and timeliness.

Quiedan Headquartered in Salinas, California, USA, and with offices in Malaysia, China, New Zealand and Australia, we've provided growers with quality and timeliness since 1975. 

Quiedan pioneered the steel-trellis industry and we've expanded and grown to all things structural - growing media to greenhouses. As innovators of and the leader in commercial hoop houses and high tunnels, we not only supply the building materials but also offer professional installation because value begins with well-installed structures. 

Ensuring Quality and Timeliness with our trusted manufactures

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