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"Everything grows better with structure!" Growth of a crop starts after the structure is installed. Therefore, installation is a very important part of farming under structure.

The layout and design of the hoop house can vary widely and is always site specific. The major enemy to hoop houses is wind and ground preparation. In some areas, a minimal structure is adequate for most applications, but where there are strong winds or unpredictable winds, varying degrees of reinforcement become necessary. Loose soils, as an example, can also compromise the integrity of the structure.


There are a variety of ways to reinforce and strengthen hoop houses. Bracing and anchoring the outside stations as well as reducing the distance between hoops have proven successful. Increasing the strength of the tubing, as well as anchoring the outside perimeter are also helpful. Where possible, natural windbreaks or planted rows of trees should be helpful.


The value of a structure begins with installation. Please contact us if you would like to discuss and/or quote an installation.

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