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"You can't afford to risk today's high value crops," Tom Thorton, Washington cherry grower.

Hoop Houses are called many things, Spanish tunnels, grow tunnels, or high tunnels. The steel-framed houses are generally covered with polyethylene film. Although they are quite durable, hoop houses are designated as "temporary," which means nothing more than they do not require power or cement to build and operate. It makes them quite versatile and very valuable to growers.

Hoop houses generate great value by controlling the atmosphere and the variability about a crop. Protection against wind and sun, controls over light and heat, and greater protection from diseases and pests are some of the key benefits. In terms of performance, hoop house extended growing seasons, enhanced yields, and improve a crop's appearance and quality.

Hoop houses come with many options, including doors, adjustable side walls, and gutters. Ultimately, hoop houses can be customized to include connected gutters, functioning doors and sidewalls, vents, insect netting, shade cloth and bird netting, all, to improve growing conditions by controlling the environment.

Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits, Herbs, Organics, Hydroponics, Nurseries

  • 3000 SERIES (Grower's favorite!) 

  • 2000 SERIES

  • 1000 SERIES

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Experience unparalleled excellence with Quiedan's 3000 SERIES, the preferred selection among growers cultivating cannabis, tomatoes, peppers, and more. Elevate your agricultural endeavors with its expansive and obstruction-free working environment, setting it apart as a superior choice at an unmatched value compared to competitors. The 3000 SERIES boasts cutting-edge features, including a seamless one-piece arch to side post connection, a blackout system ensuring optimal light deprivation, forced-air fans equipped with shutters, efficient trellising support, integrated gutters for multiple structures, and specialized cannabis support netting.

2000 SERIES (Tunnel)

Explore the versatility of Quiedan's Tunnels, designed for the cultivation of a variety of crops such as Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Vegetables, Flowers, Cut Flowers, Hemp, and more. Our tunnels offer exceptional value to growers by creating a protective environment that extends growing seasons, amplifies yields, and enhances the overall appearance and quality of crops. Elevate your agricultural success with Quiedan's Tunnels, where innovation meets unparalleled performance.


Quiedan's 1000 SERIES presents a straightforward and effortlessly installable housing solution. It is specifically crafted for growers facing space constraints but seeking control over their environment. The kits are available in two sizes: 22' x 48' and 22' x 96'.

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