We design, manufacture and distribute Agricultural Structures for use in Vineyards, Berry, Orchard and Nursery applications. Our primary product lines are trellis systems, hoop houses, high tunnels, and agricultural related products. Our corporate office and west coast warehouse are located in Salinas, California.

We have been pioneers in the steel trellis industry since 1975.  We have extensive experience in vertical shoot position trellis, vertical trellis, Smart Tyson, Lyre trellis and DOV systems.  We provide a full range of grape stakes, end post, training rod, highway post, and line post. We provide trellising supplies and trellising hardware, including wire, cross arms, pinch clips, wire strainers, and offset bolts. We've designed and tooled several steel trellis profiles and castings, as well as injection molded and extruded plastic profiles and parts that have received widespread acceptance.

Quiedan has been a leader and innovator in the commercial High Tunnel, Hoop House, and Cold Frames industries for over 10 years.  We supply all of the hardware, steel tubing, aluminum extrusions, and plastic film for tunnel structures.

We have comprehensive product lines, a commitment to innovation and improvement, and many years of experience and success to offer.


See you at these trade shows!

North Coast Wine Expo
Nov 30, 2017
Santa Rosa CA, Booth 511

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium
Jan 24-25, 2018
Sacramento CA, Booth 1420

North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association
Feb 23-24, 2018
Ventura, CA